07 Apr 2014

Atom Message Panel 1.0.0

npm publish 1.0.0 and here we are! I'm proud to say that I have just released Atom Message Panel with a whole new API.

Whats Atom Message Panel?

When I got my hands on Atom I was trilled about the openness and I had to write some packages for it A:zap:

All of my packages had a message panel at the bottom of the screen for presenting output for the user in a nice way. But every time I had a good idea on how the panel could look even better I had to update the same daam code in all of my plugins.

Thats how I cam up with Atom Message Panel, a npm module that easely could be install as a dependency and then be required inside the atom package. :bowtie:

The code was not that pretty and the features was few, but it worked and it sovled my problem!


I did a post on discuss.atom.io about my module and I some positive feedback and feature ideas.

The big one was to port the code to extend the Atom View and that is exactly was 1.0.0 is all about! And I own a big thanks to @fangel for making this a reality! :joy_cat:

Great, how do I get it?

Like any other npm module you can run npm install atom-message-panel --save and you are good to go!

JavaScript example

var MessagePanelView = require('atom-message-panel').MessagePanelView,
    PlainMessageView = require('atom-message-panel').PlainMessageView;

var messages = new MessagePanelView({
  title: 'It\'s alive..... IT\'S ALIIIIIVE!!!!'


messages.add(new PlainMessageView({
  message: 'I did it mommy, I made my first Atom Message Panel!',
  className: 'text-success'

For full API visit the repo on GitHub.