17 Mar 2014

My first Atom packages

I'm finally at a state where I proudly want to tell about my first Atom packages.

Then Atom came out not long ago I was excited too see a so easy hackable text editor. I love JavaScript and I just had too be one of the first to make good packages form this awesome editor!

I was fast too create and reserve two super light versions of jslint and ccslint which only feature was to show error reports in plain text at the bottom of the editor.

Since then jslint have had 18 version updates and ccslint 11. Thise updates includes a lot of new features, UI changes and of course several bug fixes.

Features so far

I'm in love with how easy and fun it is to write packages for Atom, and I'm not done with the ones I have developed so far, so watch out and keep and eye on my Atom profile page!